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Our team at Echo Charlie is made up of veterans and adventure seekers united by a shared commitment to serve. As avid enthusiasts of the outdoors, we set out to create a company that encompasses our passion for adventure and all things gear related.

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  • Very Neat and Attractive

    “I’ve owned and used a number of these kinds of wallets over the years and this is one of the nicer ones I’ve encountered along the way."


  • This is what good build quality looks like.

    “This is what good build quality looks like in a wallet. Glued layers? Nope, M2 screws. Exposed silicone band? Nope, woven elastic."


  •  Well made and small..... but heavy.

    "The stars are largely for the apparent quality of construction. Sub-surface, the cards are contained more securely in that with the leather wallet the pocket has stretched to the number of cards I carry so that when I pull one to use it, if I am not careful the others can fall out."


  • quite minimalist and light

    "To me, this wallet is perfect for when I just want to bring the bare minimum of cards with me. The size is essentially the same size as the cards. However, it does seem slightly thicker with the 2 metal/plastic parts having a bit more thickness than I would have expected"


  • Great slim wallet, minimalist design

    “Great slim wallet, minimalist design, carbon fiber looks amazing I carry very little this is good.”

    Amazon reviewer

  • Great quality and great price.

    Received my new wallet a few days ago and already love it. Carries everything I need in a small compact space and very easy to use. I have had a similar wallet in the past and this one has the same quality at a much lower price point and comes with both cash holding options which is a bonus. Looking forward to a long useful life from this wallet.


  • Awesome Wallet

    Very light weight, compact and durable wallet. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a minimalist wallet.

    Shane W

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