Switch it up - Billfold to Cash Strap

To switch the billfold to the cash strap:

  1. Unscrew the 7 hex screws(I) on the outer plate 1(A) releasing both the outer plate 1(A) and the billfold(F).
  2. Place the billfold(F) and screws(I) aside.
  3. Replace billfold(F) with the cash strap elastic band(G) by carefully wrapping the provided cash strap(G) around the outer plate 1(A), making sure the cash strap metal guard(H) is on the outside facing part of the outer plate 1(A).
  4. Adjust the cash strap elastic band(G) and cash strap metal guard(H) to make sure it is centered and aligned.
  5. Re attach the outer plate 1(A) to the inner plate 1(D) with the 7 hex screws(I).
  6. Ensure everything is even, hand-tighten the hex screws without over-tightening.
A. Outer plate 1
B. Outer plate 2
C. Inner elastic band
D. Inner plate 1
E. Inner plate 2
F. Billfold
G. Cash strap elastic band
H. Cash strap metal guard
I. Hex screws
    With installation of the cash strap complete, you can now enjoy your Echo Charlie wallet with the more streamline cash strap option.  If you have any questions about our lifetime warranty or installation, please email us at support@echocharlie.store